The Course

This course teaches you to draw step by step and was designed to work for the total beginner all the way to advanced level. The lessons are in HD video format, laid out in an easy to follow step by step drawing format from start to finish. They are in a video player allowing the viewer to pause, rewind, or move it to whatever spot they want as they follow along at their own pace. There are also downloadable outline drawings with and without grids as well as numbered tone drawings of the finished lesson. Also if you want to see what the actual Lessons look like before signing up, go to Video Previews in the menu drop down there are several full 30 min Videos taken from the full Lessons. I have tried this format on a few personal students with great success and it really cut down the learning curve for them.

The Tools

There will also be a materials list and video explaining the usage of them, so you have the right tools to insure your success with the course. The lessons being from beginner to advanced will range from say 1 – 5 hours broken down into 30 min. parts or less and covering mini lessons like learn to draw a tree to complete drawings that you can frame all in a step by step drawing style. So a 1 hour lesson would be in 2 parts, 3 hour lesson would be 6 parts and so on. I will also cover a lot of different subject matter to make it interesting for everyone, and suggestions for future videos will be taken from the members. Pencil will be the primary tool we will be using, sometimes I add Ink for the darkest areas for some contrast, but if we wanted to add some color, pastel can be added also if suggested. Animals will be covered in depth.

The Peoples Galleries

There is also The People’s Gallery section where members and myself can upload their work to their own gallery. This allows me to look at and critique members work and make recommendations on how they can improve their drawings. This is huge as sometimes one little suggestion can change the whole drawing. Here are some of the testimonials from people after viewing my work or some of the lessons.

What People Are saying

Allen H. , A moment of complete tranquility, that lasts maybe a fraction of a second, and you have frozen in time, breath taking stuff.

Lisa Lambert , I am totally in awe of your work. Thank you for sharing! What an inspiration you are!

Bobbi Wendland, Amazing!! I want to draw like this!

Lonny Clouser ? Bill Langis: Went to your site – gorgeous work! I really enjoy the contrast in your drawings. You are definitely not afraid to go to the dark side. — That’s a GOOD thing!!

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