How to Draw a Horse

Lesson Preview


This is a video lesson on how to draw a horse. As with all of my closeups, the

eyes are usually the focal point of the piece with secondary elements leading into or

sharing the central area I am trying to showcase or build the drawing around. In this

drawing you have the mane leading in from the left upper side, then down the

forehead to reveal the eye on the left side of the drawing. The mouth and nostrils

also lead in from the bottom up to the white forehead marking and the eyes. The 

corner of the mouth and the bone structure lead in to the same eye from still another 

direction. The sky reflection and highlights in and around the eye actually make the 

eye look wet and with slightly more detail than the rest of the drawing this keeps the

viewers in the drawing but coming back to your intended focal point. This is my

version of how to draw a horse. Below is part 3 of the 7 part lesson.

Part 3

This HD video lesson consists of 7 parts roughly 30 minutes long each and starts at

the outline drawing stage. Below are  the  guides from the members area

download page. From left to right they are as follows.

1} The outline drawing for you to work from.  { the videos start from here}

2}The outline drawing with a grid if you are a first timer or just getting started.

3}The finished drawing with a numbered tone guide for getting your tones right.

4}The finished drawing after all the videos have been completed.

How to draw a horse is  probably somewhere between novice and intermediate level. 

But don’t worry, there are easier as well as more advanced lessons, all levels will be 

covered. The lessons will range from 1 – 6 hours in length and broken up into 30 min

parts . So if you only have a half hour or so free time you can still complete one

segment. By the end of the course if you put the time in and go through the lessons

and use the gallery for critique and support  even a beginner should be at

intermediate level. Thanks, and  I hope to see you on the inside.

Bill Langis

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