How to Draw a Lion

Lesson Preview

How to draw a lion is what this video lesson covers. The lion is a predator and has a very

distinct look ,commanding  presence, and a very intense focus while hunting. I wanted

to capture that intensity and riveting focus, so I went with a closeup and very strong

lighting from the right side to accent that look. You can tell she sees something  

or movement at this point she is not sure whether it is food yet, but she is locked

on and ready to move if so. I will do other lessons with the full body of the animal

showcased but this is one variation on how to draw a lion.

Below is part 3 of the 11 part lesson.

Part 3

This HD video lesson consists of  11 parts roughly 30 minutes long each and starts at

the outline drawing stage.  Below are the  guides from the members

download page from left to right is  1} the outline drawing  for you to work from

2} the outline drawing with a grid if you are a first timer or just getting started.

3} The finished drawing with a numbered tone guide for getting your tones right.

4} The finished drawing after all the videos are completed .

How to draw a lion is one of the more advanced lessons so if you are new

don’t worry there are lessons from 30 min and up to 4-5 hrs for the more advanced

members and if you join us you will be one of the more advanced members by

the end of the 6 month course. I hope to see you on the inside.

 Thank You,

Bill Langis

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