How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals step by step

There is a routine I go through on how to draw animals. I get my first initial Idea or mental

picture of the particular animal. Then  read up on the animal a bit, more so if I am not as familiar with

the one I have picked or not done a piece on  the animal before. I then go through any of my reference

photos, and books, for details like fur,  backgrounds, closeups, poses or anatomy stuff , and lighting  which

is probably one of the most Important things for the piece looking realistic. I try to use lighting that is

consistent even if I am using different photos.

 Then I check the anatomy references to make sure my sketches will be accurate as I sketch

out a few poses from my original Idea. I then pick out the best 1 or 2 unless I nail it right away and

try to do a final sketch sometimes using  parts of both and get my final sketch complete. When this is

done I go to my finish paper and do the outline drawing to get ready for shading . This is the same system

I use for painting as well.

Once I have my final outline drawing completed, I could have as many as 4-5 reference

photos to complete the finished drawing. This may seem like a lot of work for one drawing, but you

will be surprised at how much better the finished piece looks with this approach. If somebody

asked me how to draw a lion, or how to draw a horse, my answer would be the same.

This is my Ritual on how to draw animals step by step. 

I have read a lot of books on how to draw animals, being  self-taught It’s good to do research on  

how other people work as everyone has their own routine and every once in a while I find a little

tidbit of doing something slightly different, or a new technique that I try and if it works, I can add

it to the way I’m already working whether it saves time or works better for me, I already have my own style

so it just gets absorbed into my work habits.

The more work you do, and the more drawings you complete you will develop your own style and in this course

you will learn how to draw animals step by step. After going to Yellowstone National Park how to draw animals

became a top priority for me .

                                      Bill Langis


Below is two of the finished lessons with their reference photos so you can see by the end results I use them as a guide, not for copying exactly.

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