How to Draw Landscapes

Lesson Preview

This is a video on how to draw landscapes. The  drawing will have several different

components involved in it so you will have a completed piece when finished. In the 

foreground to the left is a big fir tree with some different sized rocks on the edge of a lake.

The lake is  in the middle ground with some trees on the other side leading into the foothills,  

and finally a big snow covered mountain in the background .

The central focus point will be the trees on the opposite shoreline and the mountain. 

The viewers eye will enter at the bottom of the drawing following the lazy S shape of the water and 

the reflections to the trees on the other side, which mimic the mountains shape,  then up to the mountain detail.  

The mountain because of it’s shape, angle, and size pushes the viewers eye downward back into the picture 

again for another look . Even the big foreground tree has it’s purpose to keep the viewer from drifting out 

the left side. The fore ground rocks relate to the mountain. This is just one variation on how to draw 

landscapes. Below is part 1 of a 5 part lesson .

Part 1

This HD video lesson consists of 5  parts roughy 30 minutes long and starts at

 the outline drawing stage. Below is the lesson  guides from the members area

that you will have to assist you along with the videos. From left to right they are

as follows. 

1} The outline drawing for you to work from. {The videos start after this}

2}The outine drawing with a grid if you are a first timer or just getting started.

 3}The finished drawing with a numbered tone guide for getting your tones right.

4}The finished drawing after all the videos have been completed.

How to draw landscapes is at the beginner to novice level.  Don’t worry though,

there will be some easier, and all the way to advanced  level as you work you way up,

covering whatever the members want to see for subject matter and skill levels. 

There will also be smaller videos covering how to do say fur or trees or whatever .

 But I figured most of the lessons you will have a finished piece when you are done. 

And I know when I first started this is one of the things that kept me going was seeing 

a new picture complete, while constantly improving with each one. Well these

little previews are so you can see whats going to be in the course and some of the

finished work so you can see what can be done with just a few pencils, paper,

some practice, and some drive to reach the next level . So If  you always  wanted

to or suddenly had the urge to draw that is why I started this site to help the people

that might just need a little nudge to get going  if this is you I hope to see you on 

the inside and to the next level .

Bill Langis

How to do Landscapes  Gallery

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