The Lessons are primarily in Video format covering various shading techniques start to finish. There will also be articles on materials, lighting, and composition, with still images, and a member’s download section with the outline drawings {with and without grids} and numbered tone drawings to go with the videos for viewing and downloading. The lessons will be from beginner to advanced covering varied subject matter with a place where members can add suggestions for future lessons. There will be a Forum and a Gallery section where members can upload their work and interact with other members and myself. In addition, I can critique a piece from each member with suggestions on how to improve it. I will be adding more videos and content each month .This is a 6 month course designed to bring even a total beginner to the next level and be confident enough in their new skills to attempt any project. Also due to some people just starting out or with limited time to complete the lessons and because I will be adding 3-4 new Lessons per month there will be an option for anyone who wants to stay on longer at half the normal payment. So I think with all the Video Lessons, Content, Member Gallery and Forum, member suggestions for new subjects to cover, and Member interaction I think all skill levels should have plenty to keep them busy. So keep on Drawing and enjoy your Artistic Journey to whatever level you desire.

Always Keep Learning,


Below is a Gallery from the completed Video Lessons

Video Lessons Gallery

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